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Ari's wiki for all things relating to Victorian Nordock and Neverwinter Nights

How to Join Victorian Nordock

You can find us under the "Action" section after selecting to "Join an Internet" game or following one of the steps below:
  1. a. Right-click an empty space on the desktop, then select "New..." and "Shortcut".
    b. Navigate to and select nwmain.exe, often at C:\Neverwinter Nights\NWN\nwmain.exe, then click "Next".
    c. Enter "Victorian Nordock" as the name of the shortcut, and click "Finish".
    d. Right-click the new shortcut and select "Properties". e. In the "Target" field, enter the following after the program's name:
    f. The Target should look similar to this:
    "C:\Neverwinter Nights\NWN\nwmain.exe" +connect
    g. Click "Apply" then "OK". h. Run the shortcut, which will connect you directly to Victorian Nordock.
  2. Choose "Join Internet Game" then "Direct Connect" and enter the server IP and port:
  3. Edit the "nwnplayer.ini" file in the "nwn" directory to include the server IP address under the "History" section (see below). Then you can access the server from the "History" tab.
    [History Page]

Fix for GameSpy server shutdown

You can fix the delays caused by the recent Gamespy shutdown if you add this line to your hosts file:
So if you have the following 3 lines at the bottom of your hosts file (located for most windows users at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) you should have a quick and easy log in:

Character Builds

NWN Wiki


You can download the TeamSpeak 2 client from here:
Once you have installed the client:
  1. Start "TeamSpeak"
  2. Click "Connection"
  3. Click "Quick Connect"
  4. Set the Server Address to "", give yourself a nickname, and click "Connect".

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